Granciuc Gheorghe Nicolai (president)
    About Us
  . Public Academy of Dentistry of the Republic of Moldova, represents a republican society, public organization, created on a base of scientific and professional interests in the field of dentistry.
The Academy is the first organization of this type activating in Republic of Moldova.
The main objectrive of the Academy is to contribute to the development of science, public health assistance, propagate the healthy life style, spreading the international relations in medicine and other analogical activities.
The Academy is composed by academicians, associated members (usualy doctors of science), scientific researchers, scientific coworkers, dentists citizens of Moldova.

The Academy:
.elaborates and coordinates in the limits of its competence the entire scientific activity and fundemental researchings of moldavian dentistry.
.Helps in integrating the academic science, university education in a unique departamental program.
.Participates along with other Academies, Associations from other countries in the organization of international academic structures, collaborates in scientific researchings.
.Participates by processing and expertising the main economic and scientific projects in the field of dentistry.
.Organize national and international scientific meetings and activities.
.Assist the implementation of new dental tehnologies in practice.
.Organize training of scientific and speciality stuff.
.Creates conditions for activity of moldavian dental scientists and their manifestation, on democratic bases, through various contests which excludes the possibility of monopolisation in science.

    DENTAL NEWS        
  Golden Medal for our Inventions

- Dr. George Granciuc have been decorated with golden medal for his inventions and innovations at the International Exhibition "PRO-Invent", held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  Two more Silver medals and one Golden for our dentists

Two more silver medals and Gold received by Dr. G. Granciuc and co-authors, for a group of inventions at "Inventica 2008' held in Iasi, Romania at 21-24 may. The meeting was organized by Romanian Inventors Society

  20 March 2014 World Oral Health Day

Over 50 countries plan to celebrate World Oral Health Day on 20th March .

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